Funny !! Cutting the Magic Tree

In this video you will watch a magic tree goes back to its original place immediately after a man cuts it down. Do not get confused if i write magic tree ! It is just a normal tree, its all about physics laws and fundamentals. The reason why i am sharing it with you guys is just to entertain you and let you know little bit about physics. Many people have watched this video from all around the world and the numbers are still increasing and it has received about 2,456 likes so far only on YouTube.

A man is cutting a fallen tree with a cutter in the backyard of a house, where his friend is filming all this. He has already cut off some part of the tree and when he finishes cutting half the tree, it goes back to its original place. That man stops the machine and his friend, who is recording the video, tells him that he has got it on the tape. After few days he posted it on internet and within few days it got a million views and the numbers increased after that and still increasing. This post has been shared on many websites and on each website it has millions of views and thousands like.



Because of its tittle people get surprised and eager to watch this video and after watching it some of the people get confused about whether its really a magic tree. So for those people let me clarify that it’s simple physics, the tree is still rooted into the ground and the weight of the dirt at the root of the tree is more than the weight of the opposite end of the tree after it gets cut in half and therefore weighs it back down into its original position in the ground. Its really hard to understand each and everything about nature and we can not dominate it. Nature can be a hard thing to keep down. This video proves it all. Without going more deep into physics laws, lets just enjoy the video. I found it quite entertaining so i have shared it with you guys, hope you guys like it. And if you like it, then share it with your friends as well.

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