A 21st century bike

Richard Quest from CNN tries out a bike with springs in its wheels in London. These are called loop-wheels. These wheels are designed to give you a comfortable ride and to make cycling more comfortable. People are showing their interest in this bike and waiting for these wheels to come out in the market for sale. As only on YouTube millions of people are watching this 21st century bike video and hitting likes.


Richard meets the designer of this bike and he tells us about loop-wheels. You can experience the loop-wheel ride only in bicycles. Later on, if it works in bicycles then they will try this technology in other heavy vehicles as well. For now, these are bicycle wheels with integral suspension in place of rigid spokes. These springs absorb road noise and reduce vibration and you can take bumps and cobbles easily. Now your riding will be smooth like on any other vehicle with good suspension. And these are very light weight wheels, just about 300g more than its spiked equivalent. So it will not add much weight to your bicycle.

These wheels are invented in UK but some of the components are being imported from other countries as the springs and wheels are made in Nottinghamshire. This suspension works in every direction and this gives you a really smooth ride, even on a rough surface. The inventor of this technology, Sam Pearce, has given the reason behind this invention, that why he though to replace the old wheels with these loop-wheels. This bike goes on sale for $1800. The company is selling loop-wheels already fitted, ready to ride on a Dahon bicycle frame, or as a wheelset to fit yourself.