An artist making a dragon using melted sugar

This is an amazing video featuring an artist making a Chinese dragon using melted sugar. This art is known as “Sugar painting” which was very famous in China long time ago and nowadays it is very rarely seen in China. It is actually a traditional Chinese form of folk art in which selected figures are created using melted sugar.


In this video you see an artist melting sugar and then drizzling it onto flat surface with a small ladle. He is using thick stream of sugar to draw the outline of the figure. Once he draws the dragon then he produces supporting strands with swirls to fill in the body of the dragon. When he finishes the figure then he takes a thin wooden stick and attaches it on the figure at 3-4 places with more sugar. He uses this wooden stick to hold the figure. Once everything is finished he removes the figure from the flat surface using a spatula like tool and gives it to the waiting customer. The kid seems very happy after getting this dragon made of melted sugar. The lady pays the artist and the price for the small ones is $0.48 and $0.81 for big ones.

This is an amazing art of creating figures. Customers do not select figures to be created by themselves. They spin the arrow to select the figure to be created. The most popular figures are of dragon, fish, monkey, dog, flower basket and bird. These artists can do all 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac. Sugar printing was originated during Ming dynasty and became vary famous and popular during the Qing dynasty. Now the technique used in sugar printing has been improved along with the time but nowadays it is very rarely seen in China.

I am not sure whether we can eat these figures or not, but it will be cool to eat a dragon made of sugar.

Wonder How They Calculated The Landing?

There are so many amazing people living on this planet. One of them is a German engineer Bruno Kammerl. He built the biggest water-slide on earth. This video was first posted on internet in August 2009, since then, this video is racking up millions of YouTube views. In addition to the views, the video has received about 10,000 likes as well. It’s undoubtedly been a successful viral video.


It shows a man shooting down a water-slide, flying off a ramp and landing in a small tiny pool. Actually a German engineer Bruno Kammerl came up with an idea to built world’s biggest water-slide. A thin plastic sheet is paved onto the ground. Before the stuntman starts sliding on it, two men throw water on plastic sheet to make it slippery and friction-less. Teen stuntman slides on it and he flies off a ramp attached to the other end of plastic sheet, he travels long distance in the air and lands into a small padding pool safely, making it the biggest successful water-slide ever on this earth. After safe landing his friends congrats him for this amazing stunt.

People are enjoying this video but some of them are debating whether it’s real of fake. So let me tell you that all you doubters are right, it’s fake. The video has been edited, many clips are combined together to crate a final video. Beautiful editing has been done on this video to make it look like real. Actually this video was created as an ad for Microsoft’s Office Suite Project 2007.

There is one more clip on internet which i have not uploaded here, that clip shows the initial moments of this video that how it was made. The stuntman slides down the slide, secured by a rope. The body which is flying through the air, is animated. And in the end when he lands into the pool, actually in reality, he jumped from the wooden ramp directly into the pool without flying through the air. So this is how the video was created. But besides all this, it became internet hit video. The video was actually created to promote Microsoft’s Project in Germany only, but when it was first uploaded on few websites, it got very good response, even more then expectation, later on this video was posted on many websites and it became very popular on internet all around the world. Anyways, it is a beautiful work done by their whole team. Instead of finding it’s reality, just enjoy the video.


Amazing 3D apple skull drawing

3D drawing is something which is really interesting and amazing. It is actually very simple to draw anything in 3D, but not each of us can make it. This video showing 3D apple skull is a presentation of vamosART. This video is racking up millions of YouTube views and in addition, it has received about 7,000 likes as well. Once you watch this video carefully, you will find it easy and interesting to draw something in 3D, but of-course it requires skills and talent.


This is actually an amazing anamorphic illusion. A person draws 3D apple skull. The materials used in this drawing are : light gray pastel paper, watercolor painting and brush, markers, H graph it and charcoal pencils, derwent colored pencils, white gel pen, grey markers, letraset promarker cool grey and soft eraser. First he draws outer lines of this drawing and then starts filling colors into it. He uses light grey and red watercolors. Fills green color in leaf and then puts some white dots into the upper and lower part of the apple. He draws shadow of this apple to make it 3D. After giving it final touch he shows the drawing from different angels. From the front it looks like the apple skull is in the air but actually when we see it from side angle, then we can see the actual thing.

3D drawing is all about illusion. There are few tips for 3D drawing. Always draw the shadow of the object because shadow is the 3D effect of any image. In my opinion, shadow increases the 3D effect 75% and more. Without shadow it is nothing more than a common drawing, as when we look at the drawing form the eye point of view, then just because of shadow effect our brain thinks that there is a 3D object, but of course there isn’t, it’s only an illusion.

The music used in this video is Back and Forth.

Thanks for watching this amazing 3D drawing and i hope you liked it.

Hebo Metal forming machine

We use decorative iron at our home, but do you know how it is shaped ? Well, USA based company “Hebo” has invented the modern wrought iron machine and is the worldwide leader in this field. These machines are very popular around the whole world, you can imagine, only on YouTube the video about it’s demonstration has racked up millions of views and in addition, the video has received about 20,000 likes, more than any other entertaining video.


This is multi-functional machine, you can give iron any shape according to the design with ease. This machine can : twist, end-forge (smooth tapers, fishtails and spearheads), scroll, emboss, texture, hammer tube, make baskets and press belly pickets and much more. You can make your own circles, any size up to 6″. You can get a consistent taper very fast and efficiently. The other function of this machine is that you can make blacksmith quality forgings in just seconds. With Hebo scroll machine you can scroll iron up to 3/4″ and you can do it in a fraction of the time. With Hebo basket attachments you can make your own collars. And the capacity of it’s hydraulic table is 24 ton. This machine can bend metal cold in seconds and it can texture a 20 foot bar in just 30 seconds. All shapes has been shown decorating the houses with it’s presence. Lovely music has been used to make this video more watchable and interesting.

It’s always been an interesting thing to watch the formation of the things which we use. Hebo has invented other so many machines which are very helpful. German blacksmiths has designed and built the Hebo system for the ornamental iron industry and this machinery is used worldwide, even by the parts suppliers. Hebo system is master of all in its field and will bring new levels of production and creativity to the Ornamental iron fabricator. So overall these machines are really impressive and save time and in only one day it can make 875 belly pickets.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you liked it.

A 21st century bike

Richard Quest from CNN tries out a bike with springs in its wheels in London. These are called loop-wheels. These wheels are designed to give you a comfortable ride and to make cycling more comfortable. People are showing their interest in this bike and waiting for these wheels to come out in the market for sale. As only on YouTube millions of people are watching this 21st century bike video and hitting likes.


Richard meets the designer of this bike and he tells us about loop-wheels. You can experience the loop-wheel ride only in bicycles. Later on, if it works in bicycles then they will try this technology in other heavy vehicles as well. For now, these are bicycle wheels with integral suspension in place of rigid spokes. These springs absorb road noise and reduce vibration and you can take bumps and cobbles easily. Now your riding will be smooth like on any other vehicle with good suspension. And these are very light weight wheels, just about 300g more than its spiked equivalent. So it will not add much weight to your bicycle.

These wheels are invented in UK but some of the components are being imported from other countries as the springs and wheels are made in Nottinghamshire. This suspension works in every direction and this gives you a really smooth ride, even on a rough surface. The inventor of this technology, Sam Pearce, has given the reason behind this invention, that why he though to replace the old wheels with these loop-wheels. This bike goes on sale for $1800. The company is selling loop-wheels already fitted, ready to ride on a Dahon bicycle frame, or as a wheelset to fit yourself.

Funny !! Nightmare just turns real – Clown axe scare prank

This prank video is scary and at the same time its funny too. Nightmare just turns real in this clown axe scare prank. A man is dressed as a clown and scares people walking in the streets. The video was first posted by “TheRoyalStampede” YouTube channel and it has racked up millions of views and in addition, about 16,554 likes as well. Richy and Mark both have done so many pranks and they have posted all the prank videos on their channel.

In this prank video Richy is dressed as a clown, holding an axe in his hands and he is ready to terrorize the local neighborhood. In the beginning four boys are waling down a street and clown suddenly appears in front of them. All of the guys get scared and runs away from there. A driver is about to stop his car at the red light but when he sees a clown having an axe in hands, the driver accelerates the car and never looks back. Another couple gets scared and escapes from there. People waiting on bus stop and railway station get scared when they see a clown, they start shouting and run away.

The best part of the video is when Richy tries to scare a man walking alone in the night, but unexpectedly that man does not get scared and asks the clown to throw away the axe. When clown throws the axe away then that man pushes him and knocks him down. Richy tells him that it is just a prank and the cameraman too runs towards them to handle the situation. That man scares the pranksters by threatening them to come back within 10 minutes with his friends, but he never comes back. Some victims do not have nowhere to run and that is the most funniest part of this video. This is one of the best prank videos i have ever seen. Because of the poor lightning during the night time, some of the reactions are unusable. The clown makeup was done by Sarah.

Thanks for watching this funny clown axe scare prank video and i hope you guys like this video but you guys please never try to play pranks on someone because sometimes such pranks can harm somebody.

Funny !! Cutting the Magic Tree

In this video you will watch a magic tree goes back to its original place immediately after a man cuts it down. Do not get confused if i write magic tree ! It is just a normal tree, its all about physics laws and fundamentals. The reason why i am sharing it with you guys is just to entertain you and let you know little bit about physics. Many people have watched this video from all around the world and the numbers are still increasing and it has received about 2,456 likes so far only on YouTube.

A man is cutting a fallen tree with a cutter in the backyard of a house, where his friend is filming all this. He has already cut off some part of the tree and when he finishes cutting half the tree, it goes back to its original place. That man stops the machine and his friend, who is recording the video, tells him that he has got it on the tape. After few days he posted it on internet and within few days it got a million views and the numbers increased after that and still increasing. This post has been shared on many websites and on each website it has millions of views and thousands like.



Because of its tittle people get surprised and eager to watch this video and after watching it some of the people get confused about whether its really a magic tree. So for those people let me clarify that it’s simple physics, the tree is still rooted into the ground and the weight of the dirt at the root of the tree is more than the weight of the opposite end of the tree after it gets cut in half and therefore weighs it back down into its original position in the ground. Its really hard to understand each and everything about nature and we can not dominate it. Nature can be a hard thing to keep down. This video proves it all. Without going more deep into physics laws, lets just enjoy the video. I found it quite entertaining so i have shared it with you guys, hope you guys like it. And if you like it, then share it with your friends as well.

Thanks for watching this amazing video, and find other so many interesting and entertaining videos on our website.

How is he still alive ? Could it be magic with James More

I have seen so many magicians performing live on the stage in front of huge audience but James More is different and has some serious and incredible talent. He performed on the stage of Britain’s Got Talent 2013 and left everyone speechless. He gets killed with a sword, but he is still alive, unbelievable !


This is the only performance video from Britain’s Got Talent 2013, which has millions of YouTube views and about more than 35,568 likes. I am really surprised, how did he do this ? I found it quite interesting and entertaining, hence i am sharing it with you guys.

A handsome guy comes on the stage and tells his name James More, when asked by one of the judges. He is just 24 years old. He tells that he does it just for magic and he has been doing this since he was just 8. Then judges say best of luck to him and expect an amazing and entertaining performance from him. James starts the show, he does some sharp dance moves and picks a piece of cloth from the floor, that piece of cloth goes straight to the left when James leaves it in the air. Then a girl beings that piece of cloth and a sword to James. He does fix that sword into a holder pointing the sharp edge upward. Then two men wearing black clothes, make him lay down on the sharp edge of the sword and rotate him clockwise. James is like lying on the bed. It seems like he feels very comfortable even more than when he sleeps on his bed. Then something scary happens, the sword gets through his body and James dies. Everyone starts screaming while watching him dead because of sword gets through. After few seconds happiness comes back on the faces of audience and judges when two men gets him down from over the sword and James becomes alive and starts dancing. He gets huge round of applause from all the viewers and all of the judges say yes for his performance and he is through for the next level.


He performed very well in the next levels as well but unfortunately he could not finish first. But he entertained the people with his magic and amazing tricks. There are other so many videos of him on internet performing different magic tricks.

Thanks for watching this awesome magic trick video and i hope you guys liked it.

Just Can’t Believe These Bowling Trick Shots Are Real

This video was made by Dude Perfect, a YouTube channel. The bowling tricks shown in this video are rally awesome and unbelievable.


All these shots are made by Jason Belmonte, an Australian ten-pin bowler. He is a professional player on the PBA tour in the U.S. All these shots are made magically with perfection. In this video the dude perfect group set the world record for the longest bowling shot. The video has been uploaded couple of weeks ago and it is racking up millions of YouTube views like any other video by Dude Perfect. In addition, it has received about 48,568 likes as well.

In the whole 6 minutes lengthy video, the group plays different kind of bowling shots and each of the played shots is really amazing and awesome. The show begins with the very first shot by Jason. After that more and more amazing shots come after one another. The group is having lots of fun too. When a group member introduces Jason then Jason asks whether he is using any mike to speak in, but that is not mike, that is just a torch light, very funny. After every shot they jump around screaming with joy and happiness. Let me share one thing here with you guys that Jason is known for using the rare two handed shovel style to deliver his shot. It gives double power and double spin to the ball.

If we talk about Dude Perfect group, the group is very famous on YouTube consisting six friends. They all are former high school basketball players and roommates at university. They started this channel in 2009. Till now they have uploaded about 114 videos and each video has racked up millions of views. They have worked with many athletes and have set up many world records as well in their videos. The history of this group is very interesting, which you can read on internet. Anyways the video is really awesome and the song played in the video is “Ready set go”, awesome track.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you guys liked it.

Can you do these magic tricks?

This is really an amazing and interesting magic tricks video. The things happening in this video are not really the same as we see. This all could be tricks or excellent video editing technique. But anyways it is really awesome and interesting. This video is certainly gonna entertain you guys. The video was uploaded a week ago on YouTube by Ameer Abo Saleh. Though it has not racked millions of YouTube views but still it is very interesting and watchable video.

In the first trick you see a guy is holding a juice bottle and inverts it on the table. Magically you see candies coming out of the juice bottle, really interesting. In the next trick a glass is placed upon a table containing a small fish type thing into it. The guy has some different color small sheets in his hand and whichever sheet he uses to hide the glass from the camera, the fish type thing turns into the same color as of the sheet. And when he uses white sheet the glass gets vanished. The third trick is about changing the color of socks.

The guy is wearing brown printed socks and when he strikes his foot with each other, the color of socks gets changed. He does it three times and then starts shaking his foot on one of the Hindi songs. In the next trick, the guy is sitting in front of his laptop screen, he is watching another guy in the video. Then he prepares himself as the guy in the video throws some thing on him. Really interesting, how can a thing come out of the screen ? In the next trick he is standing on a roof, he suddenly waves his hand and you see a paper comes in hands from somewhere, which i don’t know, after that he makes the paper disappear. In the next trick he changes the color of his jacket and changes his cap. He does some other amazing tricks as well.


Thanks for watching this amazing magic trick video and i hope you guys liked it.